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Did you get into a wreck and your vehicle has body damage?

While grocery shopping did a cart hit your car leaving a ding on your door?

Was your car, truck or SUV outside at work when the hail storm passed through?

Did your adorable toddler run into your truck with his bike and dent your rear quarter panel?

Did you take your muscle car to a show and find a dent in door that you looked all over the US and Australia for?

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Everyone gets some sort of vehicle damage at some point. We will take care of a dent that is as small as a dime or the damage you got in a wreck. You don't have to be without your vehicle for weeks. In most cases, you will not have to have your car or truck fender or bumper replaced. You will not have to worry about the paint matching either. We can pull the dent out for you and you will never know that it existed.

Don't stress over the fender dent or ding, let us repair it for you! If you are not local to us don't worry we can refer you to someone in your area. We have been in the business for over 20 years and know great technicians in other parts of the US and even Australia!

Car truck suv dent repair.jpg

This car got a dent in the driver's side rear door.  We were able to remove this dent without any bondo or paint.


The owner thinks it was hit by a buggy in the parking lot while she was grocery shopping. They dropped it off on Monday and picked it up Tuesday. This dent was approximately 6" long and about 4 inches wide. You can't tell this car ever had any damage and most importantly no insurance claim was needed so carfax will never know. 

Hint: Bondo is a fancy word for body filler in the body repair shop world. 

Tip: If you have a dent or ding let us fix it before you take your car, truck or suv to be traded in on your dream car.  If you trade your BMW with a door dent or ding they are going to dock you on your trade in value and have their dent guy fix it. They will resale it like it never had a dent. 

Metro car truck dent repair fixed.jpg
Hail Dent repair Body Shop Billings.jpg

This Chevy truck got some hail damage in a recent storm. Our highly trained technicians were able to pull all of these dings from a recent hail storm in Denver, CO. 

We helped the owner do an insurance claim with State Farm and got this vehicle repaired in 2 days. We even took care of a small dent / ding that the customer got when his child ran into it with a bike.  

Tip: If you have a dent or ding let us fix it before you turn your lease to avoid lease end charges at your Lexus, BMW or Mercedes Dealership. 

Dent Hail Body Shop Repair CO.jpg
belair chevy door ding repair CO MT.jpg

Look at this beautiful red Chevy Impala, Muscle Car that we pulled some dings out of. We were attending a local car show and admiring all the old muscle cars. The owner asked us to look at this spot for him. We were able to fix / repair this dent or dig using our paint less dent removal technique and he was very happy. 

Tip: Don't fill your muscle car up with bondo or have to do a paint match when we can make it look like new with no filler or paint!

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