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The story of “J” began almost 100 years ago in South Carolina.  However, due to recent changes in our family structure I (a non-J) decided to get involved and do my part to support my “J’s”. After all, James, changed everything for me! Let me give you some background on John, Jack, Jackie, Justin, Josh and now baby James.

For as long as I can remember the letter “J” has been almost as significant to our family as cars.  It all started 5 generations prior, with our patriarch John, aka Papa. He named his second son, Jack, who was also known as Mom’s blue eyed darling by his siblings.  Jack has a passion for anything that has horsepower and torque.  He loves the smell of burning rubber in the mornings and high octane fuel in the evening at the drag strip. He has built many cars over his 65+ years  but for me, I remember Dad as a Camaro guy starting with his 67 that he drag raced around the streets of SC when I was growing up. We have spent so many nights racing cars till the wee hours of the morning.  He passed this love of cars to his son, Jackie, the third generation of “J” and myself as well. I has a built Ram Air Trans Am that I raced for many years and I wondered if my boys would grow to love the cars they had grown up around.

In addition to being mechanically inclined, Jackie went to school and became a master of pulling dents.  He has followed those dangerous hail producing storms all of the country repairing hail damaged cars, trucks and suv’s. He has spent time in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Australia and even Africa repairing hail damage. I do have to admit that I do get some sister perks.  He has taking care of a few shopping cart dings for me over the years. While doing this he recruited his nephew and my son, Justin, into the business that he was so passionate about.  They both followed a storm to Texas and ended up in Denver, CO where they fell in love.  Justin not only fell in love with Denver but Karen too and now we have baby James.  The other 4th generation “J”, Josh is going to meet James in 5 weeks.  James reminds me of Josh in many ways but is his Dad’s mini me. Genetics are an amazing thing and babies are a blessing from God!

Just in case you were curious we are all currently working the in the automotive industry.

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